About Arch ID bv

The architectural practice Arch ID bv was founded in 1996 by Ir. Wido Dorigo, architect.

Since its creation, Arch ID has executed a large number of projects, in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also in France, China and elsewhere. Projects include new built and extensions, transformations and refurbishments. Besides that, Arch ID, also operates as Project Manager and Cost Consultant.

The name Arch ID has several meanings. The obvious meaning is that Arch ID stands for Architect Ir. Dorigo, the founder and CEO of the firm.

More important in the naming is the representation of the uniqueness of Arch ID.

ID in its name stands for IDea; the architectural ideas of architect Dorigo, which are aimed at shaping the client’s requests as well as possible, taking into account the many factors that influence the design.

ID in its name also stands for IDentity; it is the ideas that ultimately best represent the identity of Arch ID, of architect Dorigo.

Ideas that should be sought in the involvement with the project and of  the client, the working methods by Arch ID, and in the detailing of the projects that eventually determines que quality of a project. 

On the basis of these principles, Arch ID has been able to maintain long-term cooperation with several clients in and from Belgium, the Netherlands, but also other nationalities. The language skills of architect Dorigo allow Arch ID to deal with assignments in different languages.

Our projects

Refurbishments and Rebranding,

New constructions and extensions,

Project Management and Cost Consultancy.